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Jay Reads ‘A Game of Thrones’: Day 2

In which, in short, I conclude the following: Jon is a whiny bitch (but I sort of like him anyway?), Arya & Tyrion are awesome, the Lannisters in general make me cackle, and I experience my first instance of ‘omg wat no’ almost-heartbreak. Also I hadn’t realized how much I missed people with a sense of humour or at least sarcasm of any flavour in even those first 50 pages.

I covered Jon’s first chapter up to the end of Jon’s second. So pages 49 to 98, featuring Jon, more Catelyn (!!), Arya, more Bran (!!), Tyrion, and Jon again.

So, first up was Jon’s chapter. As I mentioned yesterday, I was sort of looking to this with a bit of trepidation in regards to my own reaction. Was quite prepared to have irrational distaste for him simply out of contrariness. Luckily, that did not seem to happen! The fact that he was introduced with ‘lower sorts’ having a good laugh at getting one of their lord’s son quite drunk probably helped. Can’t help but grin at a 14-year-old getting wasted!

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Jay Reads ‘A Game of Thrones’: Day 1

And yet again we see the beginning of me attempting some sort of project. I have completely awful carry-through on things like this but I’m hoping a combination of my disgruntled pride, assiduous dog-earing, and public posting will keep me on track this time.

Before I begin, some background. I haven’t watched the HBO series – don’t know if I will ever bother. And I have a habit of contrariness that makes me react to bandwagons by – generally – running the other way. In the case of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, I had heard of it some before it became absolutely huge. Had picked up a book in a bookstore and glanced at it now and again. For whatever reason, the blurbs never convinced me to do more than that. Then, when it became big at the promise of the TV series (or whatever the impetus was), I read a few critical reviews that had some sharp things to say about various Serious Issues (i.e. sexism, race, etc.) and that combined with my contrariness cemented a resolve to not, in fact, become interested in this series.

That last a year or so, I guess. A good friend of mine ended up reading them, and is somewhat prone to drunken ramblings about the series which are actually interesting to listen to. Plus I was sort of seduced by the awesomeness that is Peter Dinklage and if I ever do watch the TV show, it will be because of him. So, having little else to do this summer, I’ve finally given in and bought the first four books. (It was a box-set that cost only $25 on Chapters-Indigo online. What can I say? Not a price to pass up!) And partially as a way to maintain my wounded pride and salve my dignity and partially as a mental exercise for the fun of it, I’ve decided to read these books – or the first one, at least – with pencil in hand.

That is, read it rather more critically and consciously – and slowly – than I usually read. My usual pace is a bit more on the ‘devour it whole in one sitting’ side. So. Change is good, yes? Plus, annotations are fun. So, with that in mind, I’ve divided the first book up into roughly 50 page segments, ending each on the nearest chapter-end. I was going to do a post after every chapter, but then I realized how short the chapters are. So without further ado… I present my reaction post to the first 48 pages of <i>A Game of Thrones</i>.

Obviously massive spoilers underneath, if you, like me, have yet to read these books. Also a bit on the long side. Hopefully future posts will be shorter. But I don’t hold my breath.

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